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Upgrade to using Organic Sugar instead of Wax for $10.00 more. Sugar  Wax only available for underarms and the three bikini services

Ladies Bikini and Brazilian Services

Nice & Tidy... $45.00 (Bikini Line waxing)

Half & Half... $54.00 (Deep Bikini - A little more than Nice & Tidy. A little less than The Whole Shebang. Excludes labia and tush-strip)

The Whole Shebang… $62.00 (Brazilian wax -- everything gone or keep a strip -- it's up to you. Includes inner tush-strip.)

Vajacial… $62.00 (We treat our faces to facials so why not add the vajacial to the list? The vajacial is a 30 minute treatment focusing on the bikini line and pubic mound. Service includes cleansing, hydration, extraction of blackheads, removal of ingrown hairs, and finished off with a soothing or skin brightening mask.)

The Whole Shebang + Vajacial… $115.00

The Whole Shebang + Hydrojelly Mask… $88.00 (Our Hydrojelly mask options are formulated to your personal needs. Options include: Soothing Papaya & Pineapple, Brightening Lemon)

The Whole Shebang + Scrub + Hydrojelly Mask… $100.00 (Pair our Hydrojelly mask and scrub services for the perfect smooth “kitty cat”. Mask options include: Soothing Papaya & Pineapple, and Brightening Lemon. Scrub options include: Detoxifying Charcoal, Exfoliating Bamboo, and Brightening Turmeric.)

Tush Cheeks… $32.00

Tummy Trail… $17.00

Inner Thighs… $24.00*

Stomach… $35.00 & up*


Brow Shaping - with wax… $24.00

No thin brows here... only nice, healthy brows. (Includes waxing, tweezing, trimming, fill-in sparse areas and setting). Lasts about 4 - 6 weeks.

Brow Shaping - with Tweezers… $25.00

If you use a Retin-A or any type of skin product that doesn't allow you to wax, we got you covered with this service! Lasts about 3 weeks.

Ladies Waxing Services

Lip… $16.00

Lip and Brow… $40.00

Lip and Chin… $30.00

Chin… $14.00

Nose… $14.00

Cheeks… $20.00

Sideburns… $20.00

Full Face… $54.00 (Does not include Brows)

Full Face with Brows… $62.00

Neckline… $18.00 (Front or Back)

Neck… $18.00

Ears… $15.00

Underarms… $24.00

Half Arms… $42.00

Full Arms… $50.00 (Includes Hands)

Hands… $18.00

Upper Legs… $50.00*

Lower Legs… $40.00

Full Legs… $85.00 (Includes feet & toes)

Feet and Toes… $18.00

Men’s Waxing Services

Shoulders… $22.00

Lower back… $45.00*

Full back… $62.00

Chest… $34.00

Stomach… $35.00

Both Stomach/Chest… $62.00

Tummy Trail… $15.00

Brow Maintenance… $24.00

Teen Services

Applicable for Teens Between the Ages of 12-17

Teen Brow Wax… $18.00

Teen Bikini Wax… $35.00

Teen half leg…$40.00

Full Leg Wax… $72.00

Teen Lip Wax… $12.00

Facial and Nail Services

We are pleased to offer you luxurious facials and expert nail care!

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*For certain services, prices may vary

Wax Packages


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